Why People Need To Undergo Drug Testing

Drugs have various side effects on people who take them. They can sometimes be lethal depending on the dose. Even when taken in small amounts, they can still affect mental clarity, emotional stability, social engagement, and physical strength. All of these will influence their performance in different activities. It is for this reason that drug testing is necessary for plenty of situations. This is usually done by taking fluid samples such as urine, saliva, or blood, and then evaluating the contents in the lab. Sometimes hair samples are taken as an alternative because of longer chemical retention. Each method has its own pros and cons. Testing is quite common in the following settings:

Sporting Events

Several controversies have rocked the sporting world due to drugs. In this case, people are concerned about the use of performance enhancers that skew the results in competitions. There is a lot on the line in these events such as national pride, massive endorsement deals, player contracts, and even the athletes’ egos. They want to win badly and some are willing to break the rules to make it happen. This is never a good idea as it is tantamount to cheating. Those who get caught also stand to lose their medals, prizes, and other honors. Sponsors are likely to drop them from the roster. They could be banned from competing in their sport for years.

Job Applications

There are a lot of jobs that require mental focus and excellent coordination. Those who are operating large machinery cannot afford to have any lapse as errors could result in property damage or even fatalities. The same is true when it comes to drivers of public utility vehicles and private trucks. People’s lives are in their hands so they have to act responsibly. Drug testing is routine for these types of jobs because the risks need to be minimized. Even those who are involved in office jobs may be asked by their prospective employers to take a test just to ensure excellent productivity.

Military Service

Joining the military is a dream for a lot of young people who are eager to defend the country, travel the world, get a good education, and pursue an honorable career. However, getting admitted can be difficult. There are a number of tests that an applicant must pass including written and physical examinations. Drug testing is also part of the process with different criteria for each class. Testing positive in one may lead to permanent disqualification or a temporary ban with a hope of reapplication. Those who are already in the service must also stay clean or else they could face expulsion.

Criminal Investigation

Several drugs can affect the chemicals in the brain which in turn manifests in odd behaviors. Some people become aggressive and violent, leading to criminal acts. If a person is suspected to be taking drugs, then testing might become a necessary part of the investigation. This becomes more pertinent if the crime is specifically related to drugs such as selling and distribution. Victims may also be tested as part of the reconstruction of the events. The results could be the missing piece of the puzzle needed to solve cases. Officers will get samples that are appropriate given the circumstances surrounding the crime.

School Policy

In an effort to keep their campus drug-free, some academic institutions may pursue a policy that requires testing for students. Teachers and other staff may also be included in this. This may be conducted at the start of every semester to ensure that new students are coming in clean. The testing may also be conducted randomly to prevent people from using strategies that could hide their usage. With random tests, there is a greater chance of catching people and busting any rings that may have developed within the school. States differ in their laws regarding this.

As you can see, drug testing is one of the ways in which a lot of institutions filter out people who are associated with them. Sporting organizations, businesses, schools, and the armed services use it as a vital tool in ensuring that their ranks are clean. Police investigators use it to find out the truth and help in serving justice.